RSSL Results Online
Retrieving Data, Certificates and Reports Online

You can now register to access your data online via our new look Results Online service.

Results Online is a readily available, simple to use, extranet for storing and viewing data.  You are able to search, view and download your data and certificates.  Results are only available when they have been checked and approved by an authorised scientist.

Announcement New Improved ROL Coming Soon

As part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible service, RSSL is pleased to announce the launch of our new ROL platform in October 2020.

Expanding on the capabilities of the current platform, the new platform will improve the service we offer to our clients by increasing transparency, access to information and better management tools.

A more detailed update will be shared in September 2020. If you have any feedback to share on future improvements, new features you would like to see on ROL, or if you have any questions please contact Customer Services on

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