Authenticity of foods is a matter of pressing concern to consumers and manufacturers alike, and you can have confidence in our capabilities and experience in authenticating a wide range of ingredients.

Authenticity of Food Ingredients and Products

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to authenticating ingredients, so as to offer as complete a service as possible, using the most appropriate techniques for each sample.

Our authenticity testing covers coffee, sources of milk for dairy products, premium and speciality oils, as well as meat and fish. Our experts are knowledgeable about relevant legislation and labelling requirements, so we work with you as a partner to ensure you have all the analysis and information you need.

We use DNA techniques to validate the source of milk in cheese and other dairy products – testing the authenticity of buffalo mozzarella, for example. For soluble coffee, meanwhile, we use HPLC to analyse the sugar present within the product according to AFCASOLE guidelines. By comparing the carbohydrate profile within the coffee to an authentic sample, we can detect where adulteration may have occurred.

Our Lipids Laboratory authenticates oils using chromatography, spectroscopy and bench chemistry techniques, and can perform the chemical methods of analysis required to authenticate olive oil to the EC Commission Regulation No 2568/91 and amendments.

Ingredients we authenticate:-

  • Meat and fish
  • Soluble coffee
  • Milk sources: cow, buffalo, sheep, goat
  • Oils: olive, borage, evening primrose, sesame, almond, walnut


  • Supporting your due diligence testing
  • Protecting you from fraud and negligence in your supply chain
  • Helping ensure you are complying with relevant legislation

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