food testing laboratoryWe use our scientific excellence and knowledge to provide a wide range of analytical food testing services to the global food and drink industries and suppliers in the ingredients, agricultural and chemicals sectors.

Our food testing laboratories have extensive experience in product and raw material testing using techniques which are at the leading edge of analysis.

We pride ourselves on our high quality service and scientific proficiency combined with that personal touch.

Our Services

  • Emergency Response Service
    A unique membership service which provides you with a range of analytical solutions for the rapid resolution of your product emergencies.
  • Product Authenticity including basmati rice authenticity, species/meat identification, genotyping, GMO testing, commodity and speciality oils.
  • Allergen Services
    We provide a comprehensive range of allergen services which help you control and manage allergens within manufacturing and retailing.
  • Investigative Analysis including foreign material identification, off flavour and taints analysis, analytical chemistry and physical sciences.
  • Functional Food and Ingredient Analysis including vitamin testing, mineral analysis, natural product testing, colour analysis, functional ingredients and irradiation testing.
  • Product and Ingredient Innovation
    Food product and ingredient innovation services including food product development, ingredient innovation, taste optimisation, and additional project support
  • Method Development and Validation Support
    It is important to ensure that analytical methods are suitable for the intended purpose; method validation can provide this evidence and assurance.
  • Consultancy 
    Help with food safety aspects, quality approvement programmes, management systems, auditing across the supply chain.
  • Food e-news
    Food e-News provides selected news stories on food and drinks, with the emphasis on technical and scientific matters and issues relating to product contamination.  If you wish to subscribe to Food e-News please send your name and e mail address to
  • Food Training
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