ConsultancyAt some stage you may experience a product incident or crisis which may have serious implications for your business, brand, product quality, site integrity or reputation. 

Having dealt with your incident, there will be a number of questions you need to ask yourself to reduce the likelihood of this occuring again, for example: 

  • Why did this happen?
  • What went wrong?
  • What do I do now?
  • What help do I need?

Having already faced the challenges that you may now be experiencing and looking to solve, we have highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent people who understand the issues and challenges of the global food industry.

We believe in working with you as a partner to help determine what went wrong, to help you understand what action to take and what improvements to make.

Continuous improvement is recognised as the way forward.  We can help your business realise its potential by providing expertise, support and advice.  With our wide ranging experience we can adapt our knowledge to suit your needs.  We take pride in our responsiveness to your requirements and tailor activities to suit you.  We strive to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional added value.

Whether it is in response to a recent crisis or you have identified an area for improvement, we can help whether it is:

  • Food safety aspects, specifically pre-requisities, HACCP and hygiene
  • Quality improvement programmes from suppliers through processing to customers
  • Management systems, their development, implementation and improvement
  • Auditing across the supply chain against a range of standards including ISO
  • Risk management including business continuity, crisis management, risk assessment and recall







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