Emergency Response Service

ERSOur flagship Emergency Response Service (ERS) is a unique membership service which provides you with a range of analytical solutions for the rapid resolution of your product emergencies.

Membership of the ERS has proved invaluable to many of our customers enabling them to manage unforeseen product contamination. The service has dealt with greater than 10,000 projects such as serious customer complaints, manufacturing issues, and product tamper.


  • A choice of rapid service level depending on your requirements
    • Platinum level offers priority access to a specified range of services on a 24 hour, 365 day a year basis (all other services being available on a priority basis during working hours) via an out of hours contact system
    • Gold level offers priority access to all our services during working hours
  • Multi-disciplinary team of scientists skilled in resolving the widest range of contamination cases
  • One membership covers all company sites and subsidiary companies
  • Priority service for member customers

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Did You Know?

Liquid chromatography (LC) was the first type of chromatography to be discovered and, in the form of liquid-solid chromatography (LSC) was originally used in the late 1890s by the Russian botanist, Tswett to separate and isolate various plant pigments.