Investigative Analysis

Investigative Analysis - contaminant and contamination idenification includng A multi-disciplinary scientific approach ensures we are the specialist investigative laboratory of choice to assist you with your issues. We have extensive expertise of complex product matrices to help and support you in resolving your problems around:

  • Accidental or deliberate contaminant identification
  • Production and processing issues
  • Customer complaints
  • Product substitution and adulteration

Our Investigative Analysis Services

  • Flavour and Trace Analysis (Off Flavours and Taints)
    We are experienced in the analysis of taints and off-flavours in foods, drinks and other products.   We are experts in evaluating the product, and identifying the potential source and cause of taints using a combination of sensory evaluation and analytical techniques.

  • Analytical Chemistry
    Our analytical chemistry team offer a wide range of services covering wet chemistry techniques including those in the Food Chemicals Codex.  We have resolved many contamination issues using both analysis and investigative consultancy.
  • Microscopy including Foreign Material Identification
    We are recognised as a leading independent provider of foreign material analysis, contaminant identification and structural analysis of products. 
  • Physical Properties
    Physical properties analysis is not only essential for optimising the quality and performance of your product or raw material, but also assessing how it may behave during processing and storage.  We have the capability to determine the physical properties of a wide range of products. 

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