Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

We use our scientific excellence and knowledge to provide analysis, consultancy and training to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and cosmetics industries.

Our analytical laboratories have extensive experience in product and raw material testing using techniques which are at the leading edge of analysis.

We pride ourselves on our high quality service and scientific proficiency combined with that personal touch.

We have been audited by the major regulatory authorities:

  • U.S. Food and Drink Administration (FDA)
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Our Services

    • Emergency Response Service
      A unique membership service which provides you with a range of analytical solutions for the rapid resolution of your product emergencies.
    • Analytical Testing Services including Pharmacopoeial Testing
      A comprehensive range of services which help you to develop, manufacture and ensure the integrity of your products from raw materials to market.
    • Stability Storage Management
      A comprehensive and cost effective stability management service carried out according to cGMP and in line with ICH guidelines.
    • Microbiology
      Services including endotoxin testing, preservative efficacy testing, water testing, method development and validation amongst others.
    • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
      Supporting you through the biologic development, production and quality assurance cycle by providing first class analysis, expert consultancy advice and training.
    • Investigative Analysis
      Services to help solve product contamination issues, manufacturing and process failures and adulteration.  Services include microscopy, physical sciences, spectroscopy, and trace chemical analysis.
    • Dietary Supplement and Natural Product Testing
      Analytical methods and method development to assist with claim substantiation, due diligence, labelling and ingredient stability.
    • Product Formulation Services
      Assisting with improving the consumer acceptability of your pharmaceutical preparations and supplements to ensure patient/consumer compliance.
    • Consultancy
      Working with you as a partner to determine what went wrong, to help you understand what actions to take and what improvements to make

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