Emergency Response Service (ERS) for the Food Industry

Our Emergency Response Service (ERS) gives you priority access to a range of analytical services in case of product emergencies.

Emergency Analytical Support for the Food Industry

In cases of serious customer complaint, contamination, or processing and packaging failures, you need rapid results to help you make the right decisions, quickly. Our ERS ensures that you can always access the analytical service and technical experts you need.

Two levels of membership are available:

Platinum: 24/7 access to specified services (see below), plus priority access to all our services during working hours.

Gold: Priority access to all our services during working hours

Membership of our ERS covers all your company sites and subsidiary companies, and you can call on us in cases of accidental and deliberate contamination; foreign bodies and matter; processing and packaging issues; consumer fraud; counterfeiting and more.

If you already are a member of this service; please refer to your membership pack for membership details and contact information. 

If you would like to become a member of our ERS service or for more information contact our Customer Service Team at enquiries@rssl.com or phone 0118 918 4076.

24/7 services for Platinum Members:-


  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Flexible and innovative
  • Competent and highly skilled
  • Independent analysis
  • Confidentiality
  • Simple contact strategy

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For any questions regarding our services, getting a proposal or submitting samples, please contact the team on:

t: +44 (0)118 918 4076
e: enquiries@rssl.com


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