Food Consultancy

We pride ourselves on broad knowledge and in-depth expertise on all technical aspects of the food industry. We share that expertise through our food consultancy service.

Consultancy for the Food Sector

The combination of technical skill and industry knowledge that our experts offer means you can rely on us to work with you as a partner to solve problems and improve your processes.

Product incidents and crises can have serious implications for your business, brand, product quality, site integrity or reputation. We help you to solve the immediate problem, identify its cause(s) and take corrective action.

We help ensure you have the right processes in place to avoid such issues as much as possible. We can help your business realise its potential by providing expertise, support and advice to enable continuous improvement and make sure you are following industry best practice.

You can also consult with our food consultants as part of your food product development process. Our wide range of expertise and dedicated product and ingredient innovation team are experts in helping you with food innovation to find creative solutions, develop exciting new products, optimise formulations and troubleshoot product issues.

We take pride in our responsiveness to your requirements and tailor activities to suit you. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional added value.

Areas where we provide support include:-

  • Food safety aspects, specifically pre-requisites, HACCP, hygiene and allergens
  • Quality improvement programmes from suppliers through processing to customers
  • Management systems: their development, implementation and improvement
  • Auditing across the supply chain against a range of standards including ISO
  • Risk management including business continuity, crisis management, risk assessment and recall
  • Product and ingredient innovation

We can help with:-  

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For any questions regarding our services, getting a proposal or submitting samples, please contact the team on:

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