Meat and Fish Speciation

We have over ten years’ experience using DNA meat testing to detect species adulteration in food. We are a trusted supplier of speciation testing with a great deal of in-house expertise.

Meat Authenticity and Fish Species Authenticity

Meat speciation testing is crucial for the food industry, as part of quality control, due diligence and to comply with relevant standards and legislation. Recent issues brought to light in the meat and fish supply chain have made the need for authenticity of fish and meat checks and effective traceability even more pressing.

Our experts have a wealth of experience with the latest DNA-based methods for meat species testing and meat species analysis. Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) techniques, we can test both raw materials and finished products to detect substitution, adulteration, and cross-contamination.

We can identify meat from over 20 different species and fish from over 30 species. Our meat species analysis can support food manufacturers in many situations: detecting accidental or deliberate meat substitution (such as horsemeat); validating different tuna, white fish or salmon species; identifying foreign material of animal origin in food products; checking for cross-contamination during manufacturing, and more.

Species we can identify include:-

  • Cow, sheep, pig, goat and horse
  • Chicken, duck, turkey and goose
  • Cat, dog, rat and mouse
  • Human
  • Tuna including skipjack, yellow fin, blue fin and big eye
  • White fish such as haddock, plaice, atlantic cod, pacific cod, alaskan pollock and pollock
  • Salmonids including chum salmon, pink salmon and sockeye salmon

We can support with:-

  • Detection of accidental or deliberate substitution
  • Validation of different fish species
  • Identification of foreign material of animal origin
  • Screening for cross-contamination in manufacturing
  • Cleaning validation

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