Problem Solving

The complexities of the food industry mean that problems occasionally arise. Whether you’re dealing with a customer complaint, manufacturing issue, or food product development difficulty, we aim to find a solution.

Food & Agriculture - Problem Solving

Our people are experienced in the food sector, and highly technically qualified. Combined with our multi-disciplinary approach, this makes us ideally placed to solve food product problems. From concept to release, we solve food product development problems, using our wealth of experience to find solutions. We advise on flavour, structural, stability, and many other issues.

We aim to be your first port of call for investigating customer complaints. Dealing with routine and complex foreign body incidents regularly, we help you with identification and investigating root cause. In cases of chemical contamination analysis, taints and off-flavours, we use the latest extraction and analysis techniques to help you take corrective action.

Manufacturing issues? We analyse problem samples in comparison with “good” ones to get right to the cause of the issue. Our analysis of ingredients and products to determine authenticity is second-to-none, so you can with confidence assess the reliability of your supply chain.

Consult with us about your systems and processes in order to prevent problems. Our industry knowledge means we can provide best practice advice tailored to your circumstances and requirements.

Examples of the kind of problems we solve:-

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