Shelf-Life Studies

We perform real-time stability and shelf-life testing of ingredients and finished products to support you with food product development, claims substantiation testing and troubleshooting.

Stability and Shelf-Life Studies

Assessing stability over shelf-life is a crucial stage in new food product development and reformulation. You need to ensure that your product maintains its characteristic flavour, texture, structural and chemical features throughout the length of its stated shelf-life.

We provide stability and shelf-life testing for raw ingredients and finished food products under a range of conditions, ensuring that you have full understanding of product changes and behaviour over time.  We measure changes over shelf life for components such as sweeteners, preservatives, colours, fats, oils, and vitamins, looking at texture, rheology and more. We can also support you with food analysis and testing (including fats and oils testing) to ensure any claim you make about your product can be substantiated over its entire shelf-life for food product development and reformation. 

For fats and oils testing and for finished products containing them, we provide an accelerated oxidative stability testing service using Rancimat and Oxipres equipment. Accelerated testing allows you to narrow down potential formulations to the most promising for real-time testing, and to assess the impact of different processing conditions on stability. Your food product development timescale is therefore shortened with our lipid analysis and lipid testing capability, leaving a quicker route to market.  Our NPD consultancy has the knowledge to support you with your new product development process. 

We can help with:-

  • Shelf-life testing
  • Analysis of product components
  • Oxidative stability testing
  • Microstructural changes
  • Reformulation to extend shelf life
  • Method development and validation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fats and oils testing; lipid analysis and lipid testing


  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Quicker route to market
  • In-depth understanding of your product

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