FI Europe 2022

Three RSSL presentations during one event

Virtual - 28 November - 23 December 2022 

Three RSSL presentations will be shown during FI Europe's online conference covering product reformation, adaptogens in beverages and the development of fish and seafood analogues.

Hosted by RSSL's Carole Bingley (Technical Specialist), 'The development of fish and seafood analogues' will look at innovation in the alternatives to fish and seafood and how these compare with the challenges of developing meat alternatives. 

Also hosted by Carole will be 'Product reformulation trends in snacks, bakery and confectionery' considering key reformulation drivers such as products high in fat, salt and sugar or titanium dioxide and the most important aspects to consider in terms of taste, texture, shelf life, labelling and cost.

Hosted by RSSL's Megan Eade (Senior Development Technologist), 'The rise of adaptogens in beverages: Can formulating with the right ingredients boost our health and wellness?' will look at the rise of scientific research into the efficacy of adaptogens and how choosing the right ingredients could potentially benefit the consumer.  

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