SOFHT Conference: Allergens - getting it right first time, every time

Sponsored by RSSL

Tamworth, Staffordshire - 20 September 2023 

We are proud to be sponsors of this important allergens conference, which will also feature a presentation from our very own Barbara Hirst.

Throughout the food industry many organisations are still failing to identify and correctly label allergens, resulting in numerous notifications of product recalls and withdrawals. 

This conference and exhibition will bring together some of the leading experts in the field of allergens, including RSSL's Barbara Hirst, and provide an insight into how we need to do things better.

Barbara, our Senior Consultant (Food Safety and Quality), will be sharing her extensive knowledge during the afternoon session entitled 'Testing for allergens - what can it tell you?'

Come along to our exhibition stand to meet our incredible team and learn how we can support your objectives. 

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