The use of cannabidiol (CBD) as an addition to food products and food supplements has seen a dramatic rise in the last few years, which is largely attributed to claims around the alleged benefits associated with its use. These include the reduction of anxiety and general improvement in mood.

CBD Regulation

The use of CBD is still relatively new and as such the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have classed it as a novel food. Food manufacturers looking to incorporate CBD into their products therefore need to first submit a Novel Foods application which must be approved by the regulatory authority, EFSA before they can take their products to market.

RSSL CBD Testing Services

For food businesses looking to make the most of this growing market, RSSL offers a range of services. We can also support you with your Novel Food application. We have both HPLC and LCMS methods and can work with you to determine which will be most appropriate for your product.

Support services include

  • A validated HPLC method for screening and quantification of 10 cannabinoids in CBD isolates
  • Stability assessment of CBD levels within your products
  • Generation of data for novel food submissions
  • Nanoparticle assessment

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