RSSL’s scientists have wide-ranging, proven experience in oils and fats analysis and lipid testing including in finished products. We are experts in developing and validating matrix/ingredient specific methods, for example functional lipids such as omega 3 or 6 and plant sterols and are an accredited Full Analyst Member of FOSFA.


Lipids Characterisation

Whether you want to understand fat functionality and how performance differs between matrices, optimise blends or replace expensive or non-sustainable oils e.g. palm oil, but ensure the same functionality, lipids characterisation is key. At RSSL we have a range of techniques to characterise oils and fats, including the production of characteristic triglyceride profiles, and can provide consultancy to demonstrate:-

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Understanding the impact of processing on final product/fat
  • Authenticity / identification
  • Compositional analysis
  • Identification of oils and fats in finished products

Lipids Stability/Shelf-life

One of the most important considerations when you develop or reformulate a product is to ensure that the desired attributes and quality of your product are maintained throughout its entire shelf life. Ingredients, foods and supplements can undergo deteriorative changes during their shelf life impacting their chemical, sensory and nutritional properties (texture, appearance, flavour, nutritional value, beneficial health effects). The factors that can cause these changes are varied and include moisture loss/gain, fat degradation or migration, alterations in colour and reactions such as hydrolysis and oxidation that impact flavour compounds.

The traditional approach is to conduct analysis during a real-time shelf life. However we have a number of techniques that can accelerate the shelf life, making it possible to assess the performance of your product in days and weeks rather than months or years.


Characterisation testing

Fatty acid profile

Triglyceride profile

Triglyceride positional isomer profile 

Sterol profile

Tocopherol profile

Stigmastadienes, fatty acids in 2-position,waxes

Emulsifiers including lecithin / phospholipids, monoglycerides (including glycerol monostearate [GMS]) & diglycerides

Antioxidants – natural e.g. tocopherols, synthetic e.g. BHT, TBHQ, BHA

Solid fat content

HLB (Hydrophile - Lipophile Balance) measurement by NMR

Stability Testing

Rancimat – Accelerated shelf life testing (raw ingredient oil/fat)

Oxipress – Accelerated shelf life testing (final product)

Peroxide Value (PV) These are the first indicator that a lipid is oxidising

Anisidine Value (p-AV) A secondary indicator of lipid oxidisation

Thiobarbituric Acid (TBA) Rancidity testing measuring aldehydes created during the oxidation of lipids

Free Fatty Acids (FFA)

GCMS – Oxidative markers - Aldehydes and Ketones

Photo-stability (store light and sunlight)

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