RSSL provides acrylamide testing and analysis in a variety of food products. Acrylamide is a chemical substance which forms naturally in starchy foods (e.g. chips, crisps, toast, biscuits, cereals, coffee) during high temperature cooking and processing, such as frying, roasting and baking.  Potato-based and cereal-based products are particularly high risk categories. Due to the suspected carcinogenic effect of acrylamide, levels have been monitored by the food industry for many years.

Meeting Acrylamide Regulations

EU Regulation 2017/2158 came into force on 11 April 2018.  This new regulation aims to establish best practice, mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in specified food categories.

Supporting food manufacturers with Acrylamide Management

RSSL has recently established a dedicated acrylamide laboratory, which enables us to handle a large number of test samples in short timeframes – which is highly cost efficient for our clients in the food industry particularly if undertaking large due diligence and mitigating strategy programmes involving multiple products or batches.

Our specialist acrylamide team have developed a bespoke approach for acrylamide detection using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) one of the two EU recommended analytical techniques which is also capable of detecting low levels of acrylamide. RSSL’s service has UKAS accreditation for biscuits, chocolate and coffee but it is also applicable to other food categories such as crisps and bread.

Click here to learn more and view our UKAS Accrediatation.

Due to the variability of certain raw materials and manufacturing parameters, regular monitoring of your products throughout the year is essential.  Our detailed analysis will provide you with data which can be used to link recipes and processing parameters with the presence of acrylamide in your finished product. 

If you would like further information about our acrylamide testing services or to discuss your requirements further please contact us.

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