It is important to understand the functionality of your ingredients in a wide range of food products, including its shelf life and stability, before you can present your ingredient to customers.

RSSL has extensive knowledge of a wide range of ingredients including:

  • Carbohydrates, sugar replacers and high potency sweeteners
  • Fat replacers
  • Proteins
  • Fibres
  • Functional ingredients
  • Stabilisers and hydrocolloid systems

We can help you with:

Existing Ingredients New Novel Ingredients
Competitor Benchmarking Ingredient characterisation
  • Using existing suite of analytical methods
  • Ability to develop and validate ingredient specific analytical methods in different types of food applications
Product Applications Development Assess functionality of ingredient in products
  • Analytically
  • Informal sensory analysis
Analytical and product development support for regulatory approval in new markets Provision of analytical, stability and sensory data for regulatory dossier submission

Ingredient Evaluation

Let us evaluate your new ingredient to understand composition, functionality and behaviour. We can assess performance and stability through processing, packaging and shelf-life in a range of matrices using analytical techniques and through an internal process onsite we can orally assess unapproved ingredients providing toxicological data is available.

Novel Food & Regulatory Submission

When it comes to the use of novel ingredients, you need to generate robust and reliable data as part of the corresponding regulatory submission - and we can support this complex process.

We provide development and analytical support for the evaluation of novel ingredients in your chosen food matrices. Our unique internal assessment approach means we can review key aspects of performance - even if the ingredient in question is non-EU approved.

From analytical method development and validation to stability studies and nanomaterial characterisation, we have the proven techniques and skills in place to meet specific testing requirements.  Our knowledge  can also be further enhanced through the regular collaboration of our scientific team with industry-recognised regulatory consultants.

Application Development

Using our industry experience let us provide you with development advice and support on appropriate market applications for your ingredient. We can create and optimise formulations using your ingredient and then prepare samples for internal or customer meetings.

Competitive Assessment

Want to understand how your ingredient performs compared to competitors on the market? Let us carry out a comparison for you. We can assess your ingredient against others in one or more products so you can show customers the potential.

Analytical Support

Using a comprehensive suite of analytical techniques we can develop and validate appropriate methods to enable the characterisation of your ingredient through product development, processing and shelf-life stability. Our extensive experience in the different chemical and physical structures of ingredients allows us to identify and optimise the most appropriate extraction procedure and relevant analytical technique. Analytical techniques include but are not limited to HPLC and GC with a wide range of detection techniques such as UV, Fluorescence, Refractive Index, FID and Mass Spectroscopy.

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