Packaging plays an integral part in bringing a product to market and is one of the first things a consumer notices. As well as appealing to its target audience, packaging needs to protect the product through every stage of the food supply chain ensuring its integrity and safety.

With an increased awareness of our impact on the environment, and drive towards using more sustainable packaging, the food industry will face challenges.

At RSSL our multidisciplinary team of experts have a wealth of packaging testing experience to support you across all stages of the development process and post launch.

We provide comprehensive support and expertise helping you to:

  • Understand the barrier protection your packaging offers your product
  • Understand the mechanical strength, ease of opening and integrity of packaging materials
  • Confirm if your packaging is fit for purpose and select the most relevant packaging materials for your product as part of wider product development process
  • Identify the source of chemical taints and off-flavours from packaging materials
  • Understand the impact of packaging materials on product shelf life
  • Identify if packaging materials are counterfeit

Our packaging testing solutions include:

  • Pack strength and integrity testing including tension testing, ease of opening, seal strength and puncture resistance
  • Barrier testing such as aroma, water vapour and oxygen transmission rate
  • Taint and off-flavour identification
  • Counterfeit investigations

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