There is increasing pressure from consumers and the UK Government to reduce the amount of sugar in food and drink products.

The UK Government announced that as part of its goals set out in Childhood Obesity: A Plan for Action, published in 2016, a sugar tax on soft drinks will come into force in 2018. As well as this, the food industry has been challenged by Public Health England to reduce sugar in foods that contribute most to children’s intakes by 20% by 2020, with a 5% reduction in the first year.  Food categories include: yogurts, biscuits, cakes, morning goods, puddings, ice-cream, breakfast cereals, confectionery, sweet spreads and sauces.

Suppliers and manufacturers need to work closely with experts to ensure that product formulations are optimised to ensure the desired flavour and texture in order to achieve a high standard of consumer acceptability whilst replacing or reducing sugar.

RSSL has a broad range of knowledge and expertise in sugar replacers and sweeteners, including natural sweeteners, and has experience in reducing sugar or calories in a variety of food categories.

We are able to help you with:
  • Selecting the most appropriate ingredient solution for your product to minimise the impact on product quality including reformulation using sugar replacers (intense sweeteners and/or bulking agents), advising on regulatory constraints and ingredient costs.
  • Our extensive knowledge of ingredients enables us to formulate products taking into account:
    • Physical structure – Understanding the physical and microstructural properties of raw materials and food products is crucial to the delivery of high quality and stable products.
    • Stability and shelf life - Ensuring that the food products desired properties, quality and safety are maintained throughout the product entire shelf life and stated storage conditions.
    • Flavour and aroma profiling - Understanding processing and formulation on the flavour characteristics of the product
    • Using our pilot scale facilities we can conduct scale up trials and produce large quantities of high quality samples.

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Meet our Technical Expert

Carole Bingley

Carole is a Senior Associate Principal Scientist working in the Product and Ingredient Innovation Team at RSSL. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and a Master of Science in Nutritional Medicine. Carole has worked with a wide range of sweeteners and bulking agents across many food categories during her 25 years in the food industry.

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