RSSL QP Connect Symposium

Join us on 11th May 2021, for our first QP Connect Symposium, run in association with the PHSS

Join us on 11th May 2021, for our first QP Connect Symposium, run in association with the PHSS. QP Connect is a virtual seminar focused around bringing the Qualified Person Community together to network, share best practice, keep up to date with industry hot topics and discuss common issues faced by QPs and QA in the pharmaceutical industry.

Led by a expert speakers, the programme has been tailored to deliver valuable insights and includes panel discussions in addition to the below presentations:

Changing world of the Qualified Person

Di Morris, Astra Zenaca

Topics covered:

  • What was expected of the QP when the QP first started?
  • What is the key role?
  • QP Culture
  • Importance of the code of practice
  • Changes in manufacturing to CMO dominance
  • Observations affecting QPs

Using your time effectively as a Qualified Person

Sue Mann, RSSL Consultant

Topics covered:

  • Discharging your duties – you are not alone
  • What gives you most confidence?
  • How do you know the PQS is in a state of control?
  • Define what is important in each batch manufacturing record
  • Tips on how to use your time effectively

JPB QP Eligibility Application Process

David Moulding, RSC

Topics covered:

  • Provide an overview of the application process from start to finish
  • What to expect at all stages
  • What is expected from the candidates?
  • Information and guidance for the interview

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Di Morris

Di Morris is a Chemist, Microbiologist and a Qualified Person with over 40 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry. During this time, Di has worked across numerous areas including Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Di has also worked with a wide range of dosage forms including sterile products, biological, and non-sterile products.

Sue Mann

Sue Mann has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 38 years, principally in quality and technical roles. She has a wealth of experience having held European Director and VP level positions at companies such as Eisai and Shire. For the last 11 years, Sue has been an independent consultant providing services across all major dosage forms and more recently ATMPs.

David Moulding

After finishing his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, David joined the RSC as a Registration Standards Specialist within the Accreditations and Careers Team. David is responsible for overseeing the advancement of professional practice in relation to specialist registers, awards and statutory qualifications. As part of this role he is one of the Joint Professional Bodies (JPB) QP Officers and oversees the RSC involvement within the JPB QP Eligibility process.

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