As a family-oriented organisation, we understand how important it is to feel supported when you need help - a belief we carry through with the work we undertake for our clients too.

Our partnerships helps us build strong relationships with community groups, local charities and people.

  • Puppy partnership - Updates

    Ajax's journey continues

    Ajax - Puppy partnership

    Ajax is five months old! During the first six months his socialisers, John and Ann, have made sure that Ajax has a consistent routine. This routine will help him to develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone, and basic obedience. John and Ann will spend time socialising Ajax around lots of people and animals, and together they will visit as many different places as possible.

    We caught up with John and Ann for an update how he is getting on

    Ajax - Puppy partnership

    "“Ajax is now almost 24 weeks old and seems to be growing so fast every day. We have been taking him out and about and are giving him a few different experiences such as a short bus ride which he was quite taken with and, of course he continues to go shopping with us.

    We are encouraging Ajax to get in other people's cars when possible so that he is comfortable getting into, and travelling in, different vehicles.

    Ajax is coming on well; he knows his commands, walks well on the lead and is very happy winding up our other dog, Jackson.

    Ajax - Puppy partnership

    His training is going fine and he now understands most of his commands and this is where our other dog has played his part; on being given commands Ajax watches Jackson and does what he does.

    Ajax is a loving pup but, at only 5 months old, he still has to be closely supervised as he has a tendency to pick items up when he thinks you’re not watching - I recently had to replace a pair of reading glasses that he’d come across. However, his big craving is food and finding ways to obtain it. We recently had a plate of four jam tarts reduced to two after which he adopted a low profile and tried to keep out of sight!

    Ajax - Puppy partnership

    Despite this we have no doubt that Ajax is a loving pup who we think will continue to grow into a wonderful dog.”

    As you can see Ajax has had a wonderful start to his training and despite a few missing Jam tarts he continues to impress his two socialisers! Ajax still has a long way to go before he can start helping people so check back in another 4 or 5 months to see what lies in store for this special little guy!

    A New Adventure Starts Here!

    Ajax - Puppy partnership
    After helping Monty on his amazing journey from bouncy puppy to dedicated assistance dog (as you can read about below), we have decided to again lend our support to the wonderful charity Dogs for Good in order to provide another faithful helper for someone who needs it.

    Our new furry friend got off to a great start on their journey, with their mum Reva being one of the charity’s very own brood bitches. As with 11 other such dogs currently serving with distinction, Reva is living with a volunteer family where she will stay after her thoroughly deserved retirement.

    Our first act as sponsor of this special pup was to find them a name. As is tradition with Dogs for Good, each puppy from the same litter is given a name starting with the same letter. This time round that letter was “A”. We asked our team and received over 50 fantastic name suggestions! The charity had a tricky time choosing a name that suited the new puppy, but eventually settled on “Ajax”.

    Little Ajax is already 9 weeks old and after his upcoming inoculations, he will be ready to start exploring the word! Even at such a young age, he has already shown some key characteristics, including confidence, playfulness and an interest in people, which will prove to be extremely valuable when he is ready to take on his future role.

    For the next 12 months Ajax will be living and developing in the loving home of puppy socialisers Anne and John, giving him the affection and attention he needs.

    After Ajax has braved the vets for his first round of vaccinations, he will be joining Anne and John on short walks and trips out to busy places to get him used to new sights, sounds and smells. While his bones are still growing, he won’t be able to walk too far, however as he gets older he and his puppy socialisers will take trips every day to lots of interesting new places, from the supermarket to the train station, and even joining the school run (where he is bound to enjoy a lot of attention!) Styled in his green assistance training jacket, Ajax will be allowed into places other dogs aren’t. However, young puppies are extremely inquisitive so Anne and John will have a job on their hands making sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble!

    For the next 12 months Ajax will develop very quickly and his personality and behaviours will soon start to emerge. With a little bit of guidance and a lot of love from Anne, John and their family, along with technical support from the charity’s own puppy and training teams, Ajax will have every chance of developing the skills needed to become a treasured companion and to provide the gift of independence to someone who truly deserves it.

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    Monty – fully qualified!

    Monty - Puppy partnership
    December has proved to be a great month for Monty as he concludes his Dogs for Good training and becomes a fully qualified assistance dog! Following this success, Monty was officially partnered with Rebecca, who he has been living with over the last few months.

    Monty’s final test involved a “qualification walk” where he and Rebecca walked around the streets of Birmingham with a Dogs for Good training manager assessing the trip. Monty did brilliantly, showcasing his exceptional task based skills, such as picking up keys and removing gloves. The growing strength in his and Rebecca’s relationship was also evident as he patiently sat at her side in a busy supermarket and willingly obeyed her directions.

    Monty has been going on plenty of adventures with Rebecca, as she frequently heads into the city centre and attends university open days. Monty keeps Rebecca company during university lectures where he tends to lay down and relax, occasionally nudging her to check that all is well, before settling down again.

    Monty is continuing to do incredibly well and he and Rebecca are very happy together.

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty settles in!

    Monty - Puppy partnership
    Monty is settling and adapting well to his new life with Rebecca, who is turning into a great handler. This has allowed his instructor, Jen, to take a step back when she works with him. Together they have been exploring new walking routes, free runs and new working walks which Monty is embracing.

    Monty is well behaved at home and is very affectionate, enjoying snoozing on the floor as well as on Rebecca's bed. He is equally well behaved during his trips to Rebecca's family home, where they frequently stay overnight at the weekend.

    Even though the family home houses two cats, a small dog and a number of chickens in the garden, Monty is well behaved and very responsive to Rebecca, helping to ensure that he doesn't get too excited around the other animals. As you can see from the photo, Monty completely relaxed on his first visit to the family home!

    Monty’s retrieve remains excellent and he quickly delivers shoes and other items to Rebecca when asked. His bus travel has been very good and he is adapting well to his new central Birmingham location.

    Dogs for Good are taking things slowly with Monty which seems to be paying off. They will continue to work with him and Rebecca to help ensure a successful partnership.

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty finds a match!

    Monty - Puppy partnership
    Monty has been continuing to work hard to develop all the different skills he will need to utilise in his working life.

    Task based activities are still a favourite and he has been able to increase his speed and accuracy when carrying these out. He has even perfected his lift button aim using his nose!

    Having been trained on Dogs For Good's physical disability programme, Monty has recently been matched with a lady named Rebecca, who is based in the West Midlands.

    As Monty will be Rebecca's first assistance dog, Dogs For Good are taking things slowly to ensure they form a great bond. The charity are also providing Rebecca with guidance on how to work with Monty to make sure they get the most out of their partnership and become the best of friends.

    We have our fingers crossed that Monty and Rebecca will make a great team. Another update on how the pair are getting on will follow in the coming months.

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty starts advanced training!

    Monty - Puppy partnership
    Monty has just passed his 16-week assessment and has now started his advanced training - the final stage in his journey to becoming a fully qualified assistance dog.

    As Monty nears the end of his training, Dogs for Good have started the process of finding him the perfect home and he will soon be going on his first matching visit, where his abilities and potential will be matched up with the needs and aspirations of the client.
    To really thrive and reach his full potential, Monty needs a calm handler who is ready and able to provide plenty of verbal support, praise and reassurance in unfamiliar situations.

    Monty has also been helping the Dogs for Good instructor team, joining them on trips up North to assist with client assessments. These trips give clients the opportunity to meet and handle a dog in training. Monty is a real softie and has taken this all in his stride.

    Once a match has been found, his instructor Jen will begin the process of adapting Monty’s training to focus on the client’s specific needs. This will include looking at Monty’s obedience, ensuring he is responding to commands accurately and consistently, with verbal commands or hand signals being used.

    “Monty is eager to please and enthusiastic about his task based work which keeps him busy and provides him with an enjoyable focus. He has a perfect retrieve and a nice strong pull, so he is able to help with removing socks and jackets. He also has a lovely push to help out with wheelchair footplates and a very nice lead when walking next to a power chair or scooter.

    “Monty will be missed by many of the team who share an office with him. His waggy tail greeting and retrieval of a toy each time anyone enters the office during the working day will certainly be missed. He has been a lovely boy to train and I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses.”
    Jen, Monty’s handler

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty - out and about!

    Monty - Puppy partnership Monty is doing fantastically well with his training, excelling in task based activities and taking all his work in his stride. Because of this, Dogs for Good are starting to look at potential matches for him. Monty’s ideal forever home would be with someone who has a quieter lifestyle with a medium level requirement for task based work. They also need to be happy to chat to Monty as he soaks up his surroundings.

    In the meantime, Monty has been keeping busy and recently visited Cotswold Wildlife Park with his handler and all the other dogs that are currently being trained by Dogs for Good. Monty enjoyed looking at most of the animals, but was a little cautious of the giraffes, as well as the sunbathing lions! He felt quite comfortable with the other animals though, including the rhinos.

    Monty is a sensitive boy and does have his soppy moments. He is great with children and will happily give them a big, soggy kiss if they are willing! He also enjoys spending time with other dogs and relaxing indoors.

    Monty has also been getting involved with the Dogs for Good application process, joining assessment visits to enable potential clients the opportunity to handle a dog as part of their evaluation. By doing this, Monty is already making a great contribution to the charity and their important work.

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty - the task mastermind!

    Monty - Puppy partnershipMonty has been working hard since he commenced his basic training in Banbury a few months ago. However, over the last few weeks, Monty has been on a restricted exercise regime due to developing “soft” paws. Dogs for Good are not too sure why this has happened, but they are keeping a close eye on him and monitoring his progress.

    Because of this, Monty is a little behind with his training. However, his trainer Jen is confident that this won’t hinder his long-term development too much. Monty is a bright boy and a mastermind at all the task based activities that he is given!

    This type of work comes easily to Monty as he is curious and always wants something to do. Whether he is opening doors, nudging buttons, pulling a jacket off or even retrieving a dumbbell, he learns new tasks easily. Recently, he mastered how to push using his paw over just two training sessions. Monty continues to love his food so it is easy to reward him when he does well by using his normal kibble.

    Monty is an affectionate young dog who loves attention and leaning into the legs of those he is with. He is also getting on well with his new volunteer boarder family including his two dog housemates, Revel and Rocky.

    Dogs for Good hope to have Monty back on his usual training programme soon.

    As always, you will be able to follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty starts his formal training in Banbury
    Monty - Puppy partnershipLate February saw Monty start his basic training in Banbury. After consideration by Dogs for Good, Monty has been chosen to follow the disability training programme and is working hard with his trainer Jen. During this stage of his development, Monty will be training each day at the kennels while spending the evenings and weekends with his new volunteer boarder family.

    As the daytime routine at the kennels is so different from what he has been used to, Monty will spend the first couple of weeks getting to know Jen and having plenty of fun with toys and games. Early training lasts approximately 16 weeks and Monty will be assessed at 6, 12 and 16 weeks. He needs to pass each assessment before moving onto the next level.

    Early training involves Monty practising getting in and out, as well as travelling in the charity’s vans. Monty will also practise walking to heel, on a loose lead and next to a variety of mobility aids, adjusting his pace accordingly. Although Monty has a naturally fast pace, he has already shown great progress in slowing his speed, absorbing in his surroundings and taking the changes all in his stride.

    Jen will introduce play techniques to bring basic work skills into constructive assistance work. Retrieval work begins by using a light, plastic dumb-bell which is easy for Monty to pick up and return to Jen. Pull work begins by introducing a rope tugger, accompanied by the words “pull, pull’. Push is another important command, particularly for those who have limited upper body strength and mobility. Jen will also be introducing a flat target board marked with a black cross to Monty. Placed on the floor, he will be encouraged to place his front paws on the board. This correct response is ‘marked’ using a clicker, with Monty receiving lots of praise and a treat each time he does this correctly. Once Monty is confidently placing his paws on the X, with the board on the floor, Jen will lift it against a wall, so that Monty gets used to reaching up and pushing.

    After each busy day at the kennels, Monty is collected by his new boarder family and heads to his temporary lodgings, which he shares with the family’s two pet dogs. Monty gets on well with the other dogs and often follows their lead when it comes to house rules and free running. He also enjoys playing with toys, running in the local parks and woods and enjoying settled time with chews and cuddles.

    Although there is still much to learn, Monty continues to do well with his training and is enjoying his new routine.

    As always, you will be able to follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Monty is now 14 months old – where has time gone?
    Monty - Puppy partnershipMonty is doing really well with his training and is well on the way to becoming someone’s new best friend! He has been working hard in his puppy training classes with Abbey, which will help him reach his full potential. John, has been doing a great job of looking after his wellbeing, including carrying out routine health checks, ensuring he is the correct weight and making sure he is regularly groomed.

    John has been socialising Monty around lots of people and animals, visiting as many different places as possible. All this work is to prepare Monty for the next stage in his journey which starts very soon – at the end of February Monty will begin his formal training at ‘Dogs For Good’ in Banbury. Lots of change ahead - there will be a period of settling in with his new trainer and also his new boarding family...

    Monty, Cathryn, John and Ann will be visiting the RSSL offices on Monday, so expect some updates on social media. Unfortunately Birch is unable to come with as she is too little!

    “Monty continues to be a joy to have around. His enthusiasm is infectious and uplifting and he’s always ready for the next exciting adventure. With the help of Abbey, we are working on Monty’s ability to concentrate on the task in hand because he is easily distracted, particularly when meeting other dogs who he will sometimes bark at to get their attention. At home Monty has lots of toys - his favourite is his squeaky lion, which he insists on taking to bed each night. He also likes to play with his tugger toys, challenging you to a tug of war.” John, Monty’s Socialiser

    As always, you can follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    Happy Birthday Monty! - December 2018
    Monty - Puppy partnershipWe are proud to announce that Monty, our RSSL sponsored, labrador puppy, is celebrating his first birthday. A milestone we’ve chosen to mark by looking back at his amazing progress over the last 12 months - and finding out what’s next for this special pooch.

    “It has been a delight to follow Monty’s journey from inquisitive, young pup to the handsome one-year old he is today. Knowing that he is part of the Dogs For Good community scheme makes his development even more meaningful. “There are so many ways he could make a positive difference to somebody’s life, as an assistance, therapy or family dog. Wherever Monty is placed at the end of the training programme, we are sure he will find the perfect match and bring joy to that special partnership,” says Rachel Horton, Marketing Manager at RSSL.

    Monty has already had a great start to life. Placed with socialiser John, when he was just eight weeks old, our loveable puppy has had plenty of love and cuddles growing up in a home environment. But he’s not just a family pet. From the beginning, Monty has also attended puppy classes and been taught the importance of obedience, focus and self-control; skills which will be essential in his future role as a fully-fledged member of Dogs For Good.

    In a few weeks, Monty will go to the charity’s dedicated training centre in Banbury, where he will put everything he has learned into practice. Over the course of the following four months, Monty will cover all the basic tasks that will be needed in his working life such as retrieve, push and pull. Careful monitoring and regular assessment will ensure he stays on track and successfully masters the required behaviour before moving to the next level.

    Towards the end of this process, Monty’s trainer will begin the heart-warming task of finding him a partner, who will then be closely involved and shape the final training stages. Equally important will be the development of the bond between the two, which will only grow stronger and lead to a successful and happy future together.

    “This next chapter is the most exciting and we’ve decided that we simply can’t leave Monty now. RSSL will continue to sponsor him over the next year, as he completes his training and finds his forever home,” adds Rachel Horton. As always, you will be able to follow Monty’s adventures on our social media platforms - Twitter @RSSLtd, Facebook @Readingscientificservicesltd or LinkedIn - where we will continue to post updates of our favourite four-legged friend.

    August 2018

    Monty - Puppy partnershipMonty is now nine months old and officially a ‘teenager’. From the age of six months onwards, Monty is putting into practice all his has learnt at his puppy classes and from being at home. He is now being exposed to ‘real-life’ situations, including being in busy places such as the park, shopping centres, cafés and restaurants. So far Monty has experienced travelling by bus, and will soon be introduced to the train, including walking up and down the metal stairs at the station. Monty still enjoys walking in the woods and playing with his toys and other dogs. Whilst he can be mischievous, he is proficient at Sit, Stay, Down and also understands Go Free. His socialiser is currently practicing Wait and Stay; which they note can be tricky when there is a lot going on.

    At home, Monty likes to help in the garden by digging up newly planted bedding plants. His socialiser is currently focusing on trying to stop this from happening. Whilst he enjoys puppy classes he does struggle to settle when he first arrives and is being taught how to stay focused and not react to distractions. He also has used some agility equipment and particularly likes jumping over low poles.

    Monty will soon be going to the training centre for a kennel break, where he will stay for five days. During this time he will get to know the training coordinator, Abbey, who will be monitoring him to see how he adapts to a new environment.

    April 2018

    Monty - Puppy partnershipMonty is growing fast. For the first six months John, his socialiser, will concentrate on getting Monty into a consistent routine. This will help him develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone, and basic obedience. John will spend time socialising Monty around lots of people and animals, and together, they will visit as many different places as possible.

    “Monty at five months old is getting more inquisitive and bold. I do have to keep an eye on him, especially if all is quiet, as he will happily find something to occupy himself with if your attention is elsewhere and not always with one of his own toys! He loves to play and is learning to retrieve well through playing games; he always gets a treat of kibble or puppy biscuit when he does this. In fact he is so good at this he sometimes brings us things we don’t necessarily need just to get a treat! Monty really enjoys going out and about and is, in fact, quite a nosy puppy; wanting to say hello to people and be fussed. He has a big personality so attracts a lot of attention, especially when he is wearing his training jacket. He is generally quite confident and copes well with noisy and heavy traffic and busy shopping places. He goes shopping to the supermarket with me each week and is really good at walking next to the trolley. We’ve also been practicing in different lifts ; he really enjoys going up and down in them, nothing so far seems to faze him. He’s travelled by bus and settled nicely during the journey, after he’d said hello to the other passengers. Last week we went to Bedford by train and I was surprised how quickly he settled quietly under my seat, only to find that he was happily devouring a stale bag of chips that someone had left there! He really is a typical Labrador and loves his food. Another favourite activity for Monty is going for a free run, sniffing and investigating any water that he finds. His recall is improving on his free runs but sometimes he is so engrossed it takes quite a few attempts; we’ll keep working on this.” John, Socialiser

    John is responsible for looking after Monty’s well being, carrying out routine health checks, ensuring he is the correct weight, and grooming. Abbey, their puppy coordinator, will work closely with them throughout their year together and, as well as seeing them at puppy class, will visit at home, to make sure Monty is progressing well. This also gives John the opportunity to discuss any worries or issues that may arise.

    March 2018

    Monty - Puppy partnership Monty is 12 weeks old now and into chewing everything; be it his toys or the odd bit of furniture. He’s been shopping from the day he arrived with his socialiser, John, and because he has only just completed his course of vaccinations most trips have involved pushing him around in a shopping trolley to B&Q, M&S and finally around Pets At Home, which he found most agreeable for obvious reasons.

    John thinks Monty is going to be a very outgoing dog, that isn't going to be short on confidence and yesterday he took his first steps into the big world outside. He seemed to cope really well with all the different sounds and situations he came across. Monty loves his playtimes and his toys, especially the squeaky ones. He’s extremely quick and bright, picking things up very well indeed. He loves treats and tummy tickles. He’s been good at going to bed and sleeps until around 6.30 each morning.

    February 2018

    Monty - Puppy partnershipMonty is now 8 weeks old...Already, at just eight weeks old, he is starting to show some of the characteristics that are required in a fully trained dog: confidence, an interest in people and in playing. On arrival at Dogs For Good in Banbury, Monty was given a health check by the vet, along with his first vaccination. He also had his photo taken, a task that is not as easy as it looks. Puppies don’t stay still for long, especially when there is exciting new territory to explore. Life is tiring when you are a small puppy, so Monty was given time to have a nice sleep, in a comfortable basket, before puppy socialiser John, who lives in Northamptonshire, arrived to collect him and take him home.

    The first 16 weeks of Monty’s life are like an open window, where he is inquisitive and can take in vast amounts of new experiences, to learn what is safe and what is not. Until Monty has had his second vaccination, John will carry him everywhere, to get him used to being touched and meeting different people. This will also help him get used to all the new sounds and smells and experience different animals, transport and places. Monty will explore every corner of his home and anything he can reach will be thoroughly investigated and chewed! Puppies explore with their mouths, so this is perfectly normal, but John needs to know how to handle this properly, so Monty learns appropriate behaviour. He will encourage Monty to play with a toy instead or redirect his attention onto a different activity. Rewards, like a tasty treat or favourite toy will be used when Monty is showing the behaviour John wants, which strengthens the bond between them and teaches Monty to focus on John, even when there are lots of exciting things happening in his vicinity. Puppies learn in similar ways to us, from the immediate results of their actions and through trial and error. They are social animals and need to learn how to communicate properly with the rest of the world, be polite and learn self control.

    John will start teaching Monty basic obedience commands. He will learn to sit and wait for his meals, being released from his wait with the sound of a whistle. This gives Monty an association between the whistle and food, which can then be used to teach him recall when he’s a bit older. John will gradually introduce Monty to his green Dogs for Good training jacket, so he feels comfortable wearing it, as this allows John to take him into places that pet dogs aren’t allowed to go. It’s important that Monty associates his jacket with lovely experiences, so John will give Monty lots of praise, reassurance and treats when he’s wearing it.

    Monty has an exciting year ahead with lots to learn and plenty of love and cuddles with his new family. It is early days and we cannot predict how his personality and behaviour will develop, but with the love and support of John and his family and the team here at Dogs for Good, he has every chance of success.

    January 2018

    We had a number of great puppy name suggestions from our team at RSSL in Reading and have settled on our very cute pup’s name as, 'Monty'. "As well as being a friendly name, has a meaning which we feel perfectly reflects what RSSL is all about. It’s associated with giving as much as possible and fulfilling expectations – values which are very much part of our family-friendly culture, both in terms of delivering for our clients and supporting each other during the working day. We are confident that Monty will live up to his name and enrich the lives of those he is placed with at the end of his training,” says Jacinta George, Managing Director at RSSL.

    Monty is now 8 weeks old and starting to explore our exciting world. Socialising is now very important as Monty starts to develop his senses, this will enable him to have positive experiences around new and unfamiliar things which will help build up a positive association with different situations which will give Monty a great start in life.

    Soon Monty will be leaving his mum and siblings to live with his volunteer puppy socialiser family who will care for him in their home for 16 – 18 months. We are all very excited at RSSL and looking forward to getting to know him – lots of adorable #rsslgoldenlabmonty photos and videos to be posted soon!

    If you are interested in finding out more about puppy sponsorship or becoming a volunteer puppy socialiser, visit the Dogs for Good website.

    December 2017

    Staff at Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) are turning their analytical minds to the urgent problem of finding a name for the latest addition to the team – a yellow Labrador puppy. Born at the end of November, the four-legged bundle of fun is being sponsored by the Reading Science Centre as part of the Dogs For Good Puppy Partner community scheme.

    The charity brings people and dogs together through its assistance, community and family dog programmes to make a life changing difference. View more

  • Science Outreach Programme

    With science being at the heart of RSSL, we strive to spread our enthusiasm and passion for the discipline to others, particularly children and young people. This ambition, combined with the growing challenge the industry is facing of recruiting individuals with appropriate scientific skills, inspired us the launch our Science Outreach Programme in 2017.

    This programme is multi-tiered and collaborative, targeting schools, universities and charities with a variety of science initiatives tailored to appeal to young people at different stages in their educational journey – from primary and secondary school all the way to school leavers and undergraduates.

    As part of the initiative we have visited schools to demonstrate key scientific principles, provided work experience opportunities, employment and training for 18-year-old school leavers, as well as an intern program for undergraduates. In addition to this, we regularly attend at careers fairs as well as STEM presentations at various educational institutions on both a local and national level.


    During the Summer, the Science Outreach team took part in "Full STEAM Ahead", a free event organised by the Winchester Science Centre to showcase STEM and STEM careers to local students.

    Delivered virtually to year seven and eight students (age 11-13 years), this event brought together like-minded employers and aimed to engage young minds in fascinating STEM innovation and the kinds of jobs available right on their doorstep.

    The Science Outreach hosted a 40 minute live session and focused on a problem solving activity based on chemical characteristics.

    Full STEAM Ahead was attended live by over 630 children and teachers. It can be watched below:


    During this challenging time, it is important to keep young minds engaged and interested in the world of science.

    Our Science Outreach Team will be sharing a a weekly series of fun experiments that can be recreated easily at home, using just a few general household items.

    Experiment 7: How to make Milk Art!

    This week our we were joined by account manager Courtney Grimshaw who showed us how to use milk to make art! See what crazy patterns you can come up with!

    What you will need:

    • Food Colouring
    • Milk
    • Washing Up Liquid
    • Cotton Buds
    • Teaspoon

    Experiment 6: How to make your doodles float!

    Scientist Leyla Collins shows how you can make your drawings float! Have fun this weekend with your family dreaming up your own creations and bringing them to life!

    What you will need:

    • Water
    • Whiteboard Marker
    • Shiny surface such as a plate

    Experiment 5: How to make a Lava Lamp

    RSSL Scientist Leanne Hillman shows you how to make your very own Lava Lamp at home! Great to try at home on a wet weekend!

    What you will need:

    • Cooking Oil
    • Food Colouring
    • Effervescent Tablets
    • Water
    • Bottle or closed container

    Experiment 4: Guide to making a Soda Exploder

    This experiment, bought to you by Senior Scientist Dan Nicolau, demonstrates science behind why certain objects can make soda bubble up into glorious fountains! Try it out yourself!

    What you will need:

    • Glass
    • Ice cubes
    • Large bottle of Cola
    • Mentos mints

    Experiment 3: How to make a Pressure Rocket

    This experiment, bought to you by Senior Principal Scientist Paul, demonstrates how easy it is to make a pressure rocket, utilising a chemical reaction between water and an effervescent tablet.

    What you will need:

    • Water
    • Effervescent tablets
    • Small container with pop off lid

    Experiment 2: Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar Make Crazy Bubbles

    This experiment, bought to you by Senior Scientist Lee, visually demonstrates a chemical reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar where a gas 'Carbon Dioxide' is formed.

    What you will need:

    • Bicarbonate of Soda or Baking Powder
    • Vinegar

    Experiment 1: Viruses - Why washing your hands is so important

    This experiment, bought to you by Senior Scientist Kate, visually demonstrates the importance of washing your hands in order to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

    What you will need:

    • Water
    • Soap
    • Black pepper
    • Shallow bowl / plate

    Science Roadshow February 2020

    February half term saw the Science Roadshow return to the Earley Crescent Resource Centre for the second year running.

    This sold-out event, attended by over 35 families, encouraged children aged 4-12 to get hands-on across nine different workshops, each of which were carefully chosen to give a scientific perspective to everyday situations.

    Hand-washing became the story of microbes, sweets were used to demonstrate solubility, slime demonstrated surface tension and the science of gases were implemented to create a fizzing volcano!

    This fun event was covered by the BBC and gained positive feedback from parents and children alike.
    One parent commented, "The day was brilliantly organised with a great variety of experiments. My five and eight-year olds both loved it."

    Mehar, 7, also enjoyed the day; "I like all the experiments. Looking through the microscope was like a dream come true! I've always wanted to do that and it was great!"

    Read more about this event here.

    Science Roadshow February 2019

    Our first ever Science Roadshow in February 2019, when over 70 children joined us for the day and got involved in a series of eight interactive, science-based workshops. Held in partnership with The Earley Crescent Resource Centre, each session was carefully chosen to give a scientific perspective to everyday situations to help ensure maximum engagement among the young audience.

    Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to our Science Outreach Programme, we will be developing and expanding the program even further, with plans for a wider scope and reach.

    To get involved and learn more about our outreach programme and events, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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