Food Navigator USA Interactive Broadcast Series

RSSL's Carole Bingley will be speaking during Food Navigator's Interactive Broadcast Series running between 13th - 27th October

RSSL's Carole Bingley (Technical Specialist) will be speaking during Food Navigator's Interactive Broadcast Series, running between 13th - 27th October.

Carole's presentation, entitled "Where Next for Dairy Alternatives?", will be broadcast on 20th October and will consider where the dairy alternatives market is going next, the white space in the category and the potential of a new wave of 'vegan dairy' products made with real milk proteins and fats. The primary purchase drivers for plant-based or 'non-animal' dairy and how shoppers feel about the next generation of products will also be discussed.

This Interactive Broadcast Series runs over three dates in October (13th, 20th and 27th) with each day focusing on a separate area under the banner of "Disrupting the Meat and Dairy Case: From Plant-Based Bacon to 'Real' Cheese (Minus the Cow)".

The series will explore the current state of the market, where things might go next and how brands can bring consumers along with them.

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