12 January - 20 June 2016

Food safety

7 May 14

Prosecution for breaching regulations protecting against spread of BSE

A Cornish-based company - H R Jasper & Son Limited - have been prosecuted and ordered to pay close to £9000 fines and costs for note removing specified risk material (SRM) from sheep carcasses in their slaughterhouse. Regulations mandate that, in order to prevent these parts of carcasses most likely to carry BSE from entering the food chain, SRM must be removed in either the slaughterhouse or, sometimes, in the cutting plant. At Truro Magistrate's Court the slaughterhouse pled not guilty on six charges but was convicted of all of them. [FSA]

Foodborne disease outbreak at Food Safety Summit

More than one hundred delegates at the recent Food Safety Summit at Baltimore are now known to have picked up a foodborne illness whilst in attendance. The delegates suffered from gastroenteritis caused by an unconfirmed pathogen, but none were hospitalised. The source of their illness is as yet unknown, and no food safety violations were found in the venue. [FoodQualityNews, Daily Mail]

Criminal gangs expanding into food fraud

The Guardian reports on a draft report from the EU Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on "the food crisis, fraud in the food chain and the control thereof." The report notes growing issues surrounding the authenticity of products such as olive oil, fish, milk, honey and expensive spices such as saffron. It points to a number of contributing factors to the growth of fraud including the complexity of cross-border food supply chains; the economic climate and resulting pressure to produce food cheaply; and the difficulties of enforcement. The Guardian. focuses particularly on the concerning growing involvement of criminal gangs in food fraud, highlighting olive oil adulteration by Italian crime syndicates in particular.

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