12 January - 20 June 2016

Food safety

21 May 14

All that glitters must comply with legal requirements

Following the successful prosecution of a Durham company, the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a reminder to food businesses of the food safety legislation surrounding decorative glitters and dusts for cakes etc. Such substances - whether to be used in commercially prepared or home-made foodstuffs - must not contain additives or colours that are not permitted by the European Union. Glitters and dusts must also be labelled with the name and e-number of the additive, as well as with a statement regarding their intended use in food. [FSA]

Celebrity butcher's closed temporarily due to food safety violations

It has recently been revealed that the London butcher's shop Barbecoa owned by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver closed for 24 hours earlier this year after a visit from public health inspectors noted several issues, including the presence of mouse droppings. Whilst the company disputed some of the inspectors' claims - specifically around mould found on carcasses - the number of issues raised led to Barbecoa being given a low one out of five score, and it is still noted by the FSA as requiring "major improvement." [Guardian]

Report on pesticide residue in food

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released a report on pesticides in food within the EU. Evaluating data from over 79,000 samples taken in 2011 from 29 countries, EFSA found that 53.4% of the samples contained no quantifiable trace of pesticides, 44.7% contained pesticide residues within legal limits, and in 1.1% the legal limits were exceeded. 65.1% of these samples where the limit was exceeded were mandarins where imazalil residue was detected. [FoodQualityNews]

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