B12 by UPLC-MS

RSSL has developed a new method for vitamin B12 analysis using UPLC-MS (liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry). Quicker and more sensitive than other methods, the LC-MS technique has been validated for a variety of matrices, and RSSL is now developing methods for other vitamins and functional ingredients.

The company has recently invested heavily in top-of-the range LC-MS instrumentation. More and more tests currently done by HPLC and other methods are being transferred across to UPLC-MS. "UPLC-MS is a big step forward for analysis of vitamins and other functional ingredients," says Marta Ahijado Fernandez, recently appointed as laboratory manager for RSSL's Functional Ingredients laboratory. "The B12 method has been developed using UPLC-MS equipment that is perfect for routine analysis of known compounds. We also have a separate UPLC-MS set up, which is devoted to investigative work, and this is amazing at detecting and identifying contaminants and unknown compounds."

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