AOAC Accepts Gluten Method

The method for gluten analysis used at RSSL has recently been accepted by AOAC International as the Official First Action method. Developed by R-Biopharm, the RIDASCREEN® Gliadin ELISA, utilises the Codex Alimentarius recommended “R5” gliadin antibody, which is generally accepted as the standard method for the detection of gluten in foods.

RSSL is UKAS accredited for the use of this test and many others, and crucially validates its performance on all samples prior to providing customers with test results. "Even with approved methods, the validation step is vital," notes Barbara Hirst, manager of RSSL's DNA and Protein laboratories. The test can determine gluten levels between 5 – 80 mg/kg with a reporting limit of 10 mg/kg and therefore is appropriate for determining if products fall below the 20 ppm level required for gluten-free labelling.

"RSSL is committed to providing customers with accurate, reliable and validated results," notes Barbara. "To this end we are determined to use the best available methods. This is just one more example, but it is important that the industry realises that AOAC accreditation does not mean the test will 'work' in every case. Validating this and every other method with each particular matrix is always key to ensuring that results are accurate and meaningful."

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