Free-From Food Award Sponsor

RSSL has announced that it is to sponsor a new award for manufacturers in the 'free-from' sector. A special award has been inaugurated for 'products produced in a nut free environment' in the annual FreeFrom Food Awards organised by and RSSL is to sponsor the £1,000 prize.

RSSL has helped a wide range of food companies to implement a 'free-from' manufacturing environment, both for nuts and for other food ingredients to which some consumers may be allergic or intolerant. RSSL combines consultancy, training, reformulation and analytical expertise to support customers in managing their allergenic ingredients and in reducing the risks of cross contamination/mislabelling/mis-packing that can create problems for some consumers.

RSSL has established itself as a leading UK laboratory for allergen analysis, and is currently working on a survey for the FSA, which aims to gain a better understanding of the type of allergen advisory labelling present on pre-packed processed foods sold in the UK. It also aims to quantify the level of allergens present in the food as a result of cross-contamination and establish whether the type of advisory labelling used relates to the level of allergen present.

The new award is open to any food manufacturer producing any kind of food in a nut-free environment. According to Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, editor of, "To be able to enter a product in this category it will need to have been manufactured in a nut free environment and the producer will need to have good traceability/transparency protocols in place as regards their suppliers. We do not mind whether the facility has always been nut free or has been converted to be so, as long as it is now! Nor do we mind whether the product is naturally nut free or has been adapted to be nut free, as long as it is manufactured in a totally nut-free environment so that it is safe for nut allergy sufferers."

For more details of the FreeFrom Food Awards contact Michelle Berriedale-Johnson on 020 7722 2866.

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