Bigger, Better, Cheaper

Major investment in new microscopy facilities has enabled RSSL to introduce a new service for identifying routine foreign bodies. With proven expertise in foreign body identification and a turnaround time of 5 days, RSSL is confident that the new offering will enhance its reputation for quality and service, and represent the best value in the food industry.

Foreign bodies are a well-known hazard for the food industry and a problem that can cause distress for customers – especially when the foreign body isn't immediately recognisable. RSSL's new service is designed to give manufacturers and retailers a quick route to identifying foreign bodies, so that they can deal promptly with consumer complaints, provide reassurance where needed, and quickly detect production issues that need to be addressed to prevent problems recurring.

The new service has been made possible after RSSL opened an extended, fabulously equipped microscopy laboratory on November 27th, 2012. The new laboratory has more space, new equipment, new technology, and more scientists, increasing its capacity, capability and efficiency. These gains have allowed RSSL to create the new routine foreign body service offering. An investigative foreign body service will still be offered to deal with more complex cases.

The refurbished microscopy laboratory features high-tech equipment for identifying glass, metals and plastics, and includes a new field emission scanning electron microscope, a new con-focal microscope, and FT-IR spectrometer, as well as new technology used to prepare samples for analysis.

It isn't only the microscopy department that has received major investment during 2012. Other departments, such as the physical chemistry and analytical chemistry laboratories have also been expanded, giving RSSL more scope to meet the demands of its many clients.

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