Recognition for RSSL

RSSL's Barbara Hirst has been recognised by the Food & Drink Federation for the help and support she gave to the UK food industry during the height of the horse meat scandal, and subsequently.

The FDF shortlisted Barbara in the category of Food & Drink Scientist as part of their annual awards program.

As Head of RSSL's DNA & protein laboratory, Barbara led a team that moved quickly to test thousands of beef products for horse meat and enabled a wide range of manufacturers/suppliers to respond urgently to consumer concerns. Having provided DNA testing services for many years, RSSL was one of only a few laboratories with the expertise to provide such tests. Since the height of the crisis she has helped customers to establish new and rigorous programmes of testing to help avoid a recurrence of the issue, and to address other issues of authenticity.

On a personal level, Barbara also provided consultancy and advice to customers, gave many interviews to local and national media, and was a lead figure in industry groups that supported members during the crisis. In particular she was a reliable source of scientific fact at a time when misinformation was rife and there was much hype in the media.

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