SOFHT Recognition for RSSL and Barbara Hirst

The head of RSSL's DNA & Protein laboratory, Barbara Hirst, has been awarded the accolade of Best Auditor/Technologist by SOFHT in its annual awards.

The award ceremony took place on November 28th, 2013.

Barbara played a key role in supporting the food industry during the horsemeat crisis of early 2013. She led the team that moved quickly to test thousands of beef products for horsemeat and provided great personal support to customers. She provided consultancy and advice to customers, gave many interviews to local and national media, and was a lead figure in industry groups that supported members during the crisis. In particular she was a reliable source of scientific fact at a time when misinformation was rife and the industry were under scrutiny in the media.

SOFHT also recognised RSSL's wider support for the food industry by shortlisting the company in the category of Company of the Year with more than 100 employees.

RSSL has pioneered the use of cutting edge science, including the DNA testing referred to above, to address a wide range of commercial issues for the food industry. RSSL provides a range of analytical services all geared towards ensuring the quality, safety and authenticity of food and food ingredients. The company also provides training and consultancy in key areas such as allergen management, and also helps customers react to product crises such as foreign body and chemical contamination incidents.

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