RSSL Beefs Up Training Offering To Help Meet BRC Requirements

New course developed by RSSL to help address the changing requirements of the BRC Standard Version 7

The British Retail Consortium launched their revised Global Standard for Food Safety Version 7 which is used by over 22,000 certified suppliers in 123 countries, on the 7th January 2015.  The new version has been developed to address food safety, quality and operational criteria within food manufacturing to ensure greater transparency in the supply chain and improvement of food safety in small facilities where processes are still in development. 

RSSL has launched a new training course for manufacturers and retailers to address areas of the new standard specifically around challenges with risk assessment, traceability and authenticity.
This training is paramount as an essential part of compliance with the new BRC standard which highlights both the issue of supply chain integrity and the challenges of cross contamination in light of the horsemeat contamination issues in 2013. Where risks have been identified, manufacturers must put in place processes, control measures and where appropriate sampling and analysis to ensure the integrity of the product.

In line with the impeccable reputation of all of RSSL's training courses, "Cross Contamination – A journey from risk assessment to management" involves a high degree of practical delegate interaction and knowledge based learning. 

‘Having been heavily involved in the horsemeat issue and advising the industry, this course has been specifically developed to give delegates both the confidence and ability to help meet the new BRC requirements’ says Barbara Hirst, RSSL Consultant, Food Safety and Quality.

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