HACCP Health Check

RSSL is launching a new HACCP Health Check service for food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.

RSSL's experts will provide an independent, thorough assessment of a HACCP food safety management system to verify that it complies with international standards such as ISO22000 and BRC7, and the various codes of practice demanded by retailers. Currently, RSSL believes that this service is significantly different from other service providers to the food industry as it is bespoke to the clients manufacturing site and associated food safety management system rather than purely ‘theoretical’ training. 

Too often, problems with a HACCP system are only identified when a crisis strikes, or when an external audit is carried out, so RSSL's HACCP Health Check is designed to pre-empt these issues and identify areas for correction before a problem occurs. 

The Health Check may also assist those manufacturers who have concerns over supply chain vulnerabilities and have yet to get to grips with the Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP) concepts introduced by PAS 96. RSSL's Senior Consultant in Food Safety, Simon Flanagan notes, "A HACCP system will only achieve its purpose in managing food safety if its effectiveness is regularly challenged and it is kept up to date. Audits of the system must therefore take place to check the system is working correctly. Having an independent audit of the HACCP system can be a significant advantage as the internal HACCP team may become too closely involved with the system, and simply fail to spot issues that have become routine and commonplace." 

RSSL's approach will be to undertake a full desk-review of all risk assessments, studies and documentation, followed up by on-site review of food safety management practices Its experts will conduct a full gap-analysis, highlighting best practice and corrective actions where needed. HACCP training, and additional support, is also available from RSSL if required.

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