Biotech Expansion

RSSL Pharma has signalled its commitment to the biotech sector, especially in services relating to early phase development, with the installation of new storage capability.

The company has just commissioned a large scale ultra low temperature freezer, suitable for storing proteins, peptides and biomolecules such as DNA and cell cultures at a fixed temperature of –80°C without compromising viability. It complements the existing storage facilities maintained at RSSL Pharma, which now also includes a new reduced humidity cabinet, validated at 25°C and 40% relative humidity.

The new cabinets will help RSSL Pharma to extend its analytical service offering to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. The company already offers a range of analytical services aimed at assessing the purity, stability and viability of prospective drugs, new formulations and existing products. With expertise in method development and application of pharmacopoieal methods, RSSL Pharma is well equipped to assist clients in many important aspects of drug development.

"We can now offer clients a vast range of storage facilities required by ICH guidelines," says Lisa Halward, Head of RSSL Pharma's stability testing department. "We think we are unique in offering such a wide combination of storage conditions, and analytical expertise to cover both the traditional pharmaceutical sector and the emerging biotech market."

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