Responsible Person Announcement Welcomed

The announcement by the MHRA on October 27th of new requirements for registering as a Responsible Person (RP) are a good thing for the industry and for patient safety, according to RSSL Pharma Training.

“We have been arguing for a more formal system of qualification for several years, and we have developed innovative and inspiring training courses to give Responsible Persons the skills and information they need to carry out their duties. The response from industry has already been hugely positive (see quotes below), and it is clear that many wholesalers recognise the value of training for RPs even when regulations have not required it,” says Lyndsey Wright of RSSL Pharma Training.

Under the new requirements a Responsible Person will need to possess a statement of eligibility to be named on a Wholesale Licence. This will apply both to new and existing RPs with a two year transition period applying to existing RPs. Statements of eligibility will only be issued to Responsible Persons who can demonstrate they have the required knowledge and competencies to properly fulfil their role and responsibilities.

As the pioneer of RP training in the UK and Ireland, and an established provider of Good Distribution Practice training, RSSL Pharma Training is already adding extra courses to its 2011 calendar in anticipation of extra demand. “Those clients that have already attended our RP courses will be ahead of the competition when the new requirements come into force, but the competency and qualification of RPs is clearly about much more than competitive advantage. It is in the interests of everyone that RPs understand and carry out best practice so that the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain can be maintained and even improved.”

The following quotes come from course assessment forms completed by delegates attending RSSL Pharma Training courses for Responsible Persons, and Good Distribution Practice. Client names and companies have been removed for purposes of confidentiality.

'Would definitely recommend the course.' 'Very useful - lots of information - easy to understand very helpful tutor.' 'Very informative, A real eye opener' 'Well worth the two days- very useful course content and most enjoyable to boot!' 'Very informative, well delivered manageable group sizes.' 'A lot ground to cover but course very good.' 'Excellent content and ample opportunities for discussion and thought. Suitable as an Introductory or a Refresher course.' 'Excellent and necessary for anyone involved with GDP Management.' 'Suitable for RP and trainee RP, good refresher training , also good for those who are responsible for RP's.' 'Essential for your business and delivering quality via your supply chain to patients/consumers' 'Excellent! A real eye-opener regarding the actual responsibilities of an RP versus the perception given by other elements of the organisation. Would recommend it!' 

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