Change to Cosmetic Regulations

RSSL Pharma Training has launched a new training course for the cosmetics sector, this course will be good grounding for the preparation of the cosmetic industry to be fully compliant with EC1223/2009 by July 2013. This date is when companies that market cosmetic products must ensure that their products have been manufactured, tested and stored in compliance with the safety requirements, which are described in the detailed guidelines published in International Standard ISO22716.

The new course is designed to familiarise staff with the requirements of the new Standard, and to answer specific questions around issues such as documentation, labelling, ingredient selection and claim substantiation. In line with the impeccable reputation of all of RSSL's training courses, "Cosmetic Regulations - what you need to know to market a product" involves a high degree of delegate interaction, lively discussion and practical examples.

This training is paramount as an essential part of compliance with ISO22716, with manufacturers being obliged to maintain a qualified personnel base that is capable of consistently producing products that are safe for the consumer. How employees understand and carry out their roles and responsibilities is crucial to this compliance. Without adequate training all systems and procedures for complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are not likely to be encompassed.

RSSL Training offers a variety of courses, keeping abreast with new regulations for the pharmaceutical and food industries, and has been requested by a number of leading cosmetic manufacturers to share their wealth of experience of these regulations to help ensure their full compliance in meeting the July 2013 deadline.

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