New Launch for Biopharmaceutical Analysis

RSSL is to launch several new services to the biopharmaceutical sector, covering all aspects of the EMA regulatory guidelines for safety, quality and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals. Services will be GMP compliant where appropriate.

Already well respected for the services it offers to the pharmaceutical sector, in areas such as method development, stability studies and identification of impurities, RSSL is gearing up its services for the biopharmaceutical sector following recent investment and recruitment at its Reading laboratories.

New services will include structural characterisation of biologics, involving peptide mapping, peptide sequencing, detection of post-translational modifications, N-linked glycosylation profiling and monosaccharide analysis. These new offerings, allowing extensive biopharmaceutical characterisation will complement our existing services on the development and validation of analytical methods for pre-clinical drug products following accelerated stability testing and forced degradation.

RSSL is also very experienced in routine pharmacopoeial testing, troubleshooting and investigation of process-related impurities. In the biopharmaceutical sector, this includes the detection and identification of impurities and contaminants from host cells (both DNA and protein), residual inducers/antibiotics, aggregation of biomolecules and leachable/extractable analysis.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Business Development Associate, Rebecca Thomas notes, "The launch of these new services is the culmination of a period of investment and method development at RSSL. We aim to be as trusted by our partners in the biopharmaceutical sector as we are already by many customers in the traditional pharmaceutical sector."

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