1500 Foreign Materials Identified

RSSL's microscopy laboratory is anticipating its 1500th foreign material identification project of this year during the Christmas period. RSSL identifies and investigates foreign material on behalf of numerous customers in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as those in the food and drink industry.

The Christmas period often sees a peak in foreign material incidents especially from consumer complaints with domestic OTC medicines. Christmas excess and winter colds means that people turn to digestive remedies, cold treatments, hangover cures etc, that may have been stored in cupboards for months, even years. A tiny discoloration in a pill, or precipitation of a liquid will look suspicious and may cause some to complain.

"The pharmaceutical industry has done a lot to reduce foreign material incidents," notes Tom Ray, Head of RSSL's Microscopy Laboratory. "However, despite their best efforts, consumer complaints, both genuine and contrived, continue to arise. RSSL uses a range of microscopy techniques to identify foreign material and give manufacturers the information they need to respond to any complaint in the appropriate way. Instead of merely responding with refunds, it is better to understand foreign material and respond properly. Consumers appreciate a proper explanation of an incident rather than mere refunds or vouchers."

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