RSSL Moves to Shorten the QP Queue!

Demand for places on QP (Qualified Person) training courses run by RSSL has become so great that RSSL is to double the number of modules it runs in 2014.

RSSL has announced 12 new dates, and had already taken bookings for some of these prior to publication.

The popularity of RSSL's intensive and interactive modular courses has been rising steadily over the past few years, and its radically different approach to QP training has been especially well received. Students are given a fast-track route to qualification, with all the necessary information and understanding being covered in an intensive period, requiring less time away from work, and less expense on travel and accommodation.

"Demand for QP training at RSSL has never been greater," notes Lyndsey Wright of RSSL. "Retirements and redundancies have seen a fall in the number of QPs working within the pharmaceutical industry. As the economic mood is brightening, it seems that manufacturers are more able to invest in training – and are not only looking to replace/restore the number of QPs within their business, but also to invest in the security of succession planning."

RSSL's QP training modules are specifically designed to meet the requirements and objectives of the QP Study Guide, and are recognised by the Chartered Quality Institute as an approved list of qualifications, for those seeking membership of that body.  In addition, RSSL run QP Professional Development seminars, where Qualified QPs [and those still training] can refresh and advance their knowledge and decision making skills, alongside their peers.

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