Sugar Molecules in Food The Use of Fluorophores or UV-absorbing Chromophores to Increase Analytical Sensitivity and Specificity

Sugar molecules occur within the natural foodstuffs we eat, or may be added as ingredients to processed foods to impart functional properties such as sweetness, texture or to act as stabilisers.

These molecules encompass a broad range of different structures from mono-saccharides (glucose or dextrose, galactose, mannose, etc.), di-saccharides such as lactose, maltose and sucrose, to larger species such as the gums, maltodextrins, starch and pectin.

Due diligence requires that raw material suppliers check that the product meets the appropriate specifications, and the manufacturer should perform quality control to recipe check the final product. Additionally, it may be necessary to check for the presence of any adulterants in raw materials and products.

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