The performance and efficacy of many pharmaceuticals are affected by physical properties, such as particle size or viscosity.  Optimising the performance of tablets, solutions and ointments often comes down to the measurement of physical parameters.  An investigation of problems, such as why a tablet crumbles or won’t dissolve, or why there are precipitates in a liquid frequently rely on the same kinds of measurement.

Using our wide range of technologies, some of which are unique to RSSL, we are experts in the physical characterisation of raw materials,drug products and medical devices. Some of our work is dictated by the pharmacopoeial monograph texts i.e. solids, semi-solids and liquids/suspensions, but we also support customers with fundamental research.  Our tests can support customers both in defining the specifications for raw materials, and in verifying that specifications are met.

In all our projects, we understand the criticality and time pressures of the batch release process and will endeavor to meet your accelerated sample analysis time requests.


Particle sizing via static and dynamic light scattering (Malvern 2000/3000 and Zetasizer for nanoparticles)

Particle sizing via sieving (mechanical and airjet)

Microscopy (visible and sub-visible particulate analysis, light and Scanning Electron Microscopy, SEM)

Mechanical Testing (E.g. bloom strength, fragmentation and penetration)

Viscosity and rheology (u-tube, rotational viscometry, degree of polymerisation)

Moisture content (Karl Fischer, water activity, Thermogravimetric Analysis - TGA and Dynamic Vapour Sorption – DVS)

Powder flow properties (tapped/bulk density, shear cell)

Thermal properties (Differential Scanning Calorimetry – DSC)

Specific surface area via BET

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