Achieving the right formulation is fundamental to achieving a successful product. In the case of prescription medicines, it's largely about performance and shelf-life, ensuring that the product delivers the correct dose to the patient, for as long as the drug is in use. In OTC medicines and herbals consumer preference plays a bigger role, with issues of palatability, flavour, aroma, mouthfeel and ease of use, also likely to influence sales. 

There are, therefore, many facets to achieving the right formulation, and our analytical and development services and expertise can help with many of them. 

Drug Formulation Support Services 

On issues of performance, for example, ensuring excipient compatibility is an important aspect of any drug formulation process, and we can help.  Also factors such as particle size, polymorphism, pH stability and pH solubility can influence active ingredient bioavailability and hence drug activity, and our laboratories can help you optimise these parameters.   

We can also help underpin the quality, safety and efficacy of your new drug formulation by providing services that support your clinical trials and regulatory submissions.  This includes comprehensive, phase-appropriate analytical method development for both the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the drug undergoing development.

Drawing on the expertise of RSSL in areas such as method development and validation, physical sciences, stability testing, microscopy, metals analysis and flavour analysis, our dedicated and knowledgeable teams have the capability, techniques and equipment to support a wide range of formulation types throughout the drug development lifecycle from early phase to finished product release and import testing.

OTC Pharmaceuticals Support

Our skilled team will partner with you for development and taste optimisation of your OTC pharmaceutical products, herbals and supplements.

We can support you with the product development process or using our expertise in fragrance and flavour profiling, and experience in bitterness masking, sweetener optimisation and texture development, we can improve the acceptability of herbal and OTC products for the consumer.

We have experience of adding actives into different application formats and have worked with several formats:

  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Liquids
  • Emulsions
  • Lozenges

We can also advise on cost reduction and how to obtain desired effects in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Drug Formulation Services

Bulk drug development and excipient characterisation 

Drug solubility studies 

Formulation screening 

pH solubility and pH stability studies

  • ICH stability storage and testing

    We offer comprehensive and cost-effective stability management, in accordance with GMP and ICH guidelines, providing a quality service meeting your specific storage and testing needs.

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Photostability studies

Blend uniformity testing

Dissolution profiling and development

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