We have a simple vision at RSSL when it comes to people.  We want to have the most motivated, talented and high performing teams. We have a lot of talented people at RSSL and we are always looking for more great people to join us.

RSSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mondelez International which employs over 3,500 scientists within Research and Development.  Mondelez International recognises the benefits of training and collaboration in the development of our scientists.

Joining RSSL provides opportunities to work across a broad range of scientific disciplines from analytical through to research, laboratory analysis through to project management.  You will have the opportunity to work on range of products and matrices across the food, drink, pharmaceutical, healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries.

You are probably asking yourself what it feels like to work at RSSL.  People tell us that our people are friendly and that our work environment is open and welcoming.  These aspects of our culture are essential in creating an environment where individuals and teams can contribute to our business goals.

People stay at RSSL because they feel they can develop personally and professionally.  Our fast moving and commercial environment provides opportunities for people to grow and learn.

Consider a career with RSSL and watch your expertise come alive. Click on current jobs to search for opportunities. 

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