Current Graduate Testimonials


Imogen Kendall, Scientist, Microscopy

‘I have been working in the Microscopy department for RSSL/Mondelez for two years now carrying out a mix of foreign body and Mondelez research projects. I love the variation of work that I do as well as the range of techniques I have been exposed to. The people at RSSL are incredibly friendly and helpful and it is a great place to work especially when the chocolate shop (very discounted Mondelez products) is on!’


Gemma Willox, Scientist, Investigative Analysis

‘I have been with RSSL for just over a year and have been fortunate enough to work in both the Microscopy and the Analytical Chemistry departments. This has allowed me to work on a variety of projects to identify unknown foreign materials and contaminants using a vast range of analytical techniques including FT-IR, NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, SEM, EDX and light microscopy. My favourite thing about working for RSSL is the diversity of different projects and samples we receive which means each day is different!’


Rebecca Whaling, Scientist, Functional Ingredients

‘I have gained so much valuable experience during the two years that I’ve worked in Functional Ingredients at RSSL. I use a range of techniques including HPLC, LC-MS and UV-Vis which has meant ample opportunity to develop my troubleshooting skills when the instruments don’t behave! I’ve had the opportunity to support method development and validation projects in addition to routine analysis projects which means that the work is always challenging and varied. We see all sorts of samples coming through the lab and I really enjoy working with such a diverse range, especially those marketed abroad!’


Sonalika Jain, Scientist, Metals

‘I have been working in the Metals Department for a year now as a Graduate Scientist, having previously been an Industrial Placement student during my penultimate year of MSci Chemistry. I currently specialize in performing elemental analysis on a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products, using plasma-based spectroscopic techniques. In addition to delivering high volumes of projects with challenging deadlines, I have the chance to take part in complex validations and method development with the aim of introducing new business offerings. What especially puts a smile on my face is the diversity at our workplace – interacting with people from different backgrounds and expertise levels, the depth and breadth of science at our fingertips, and the various opportunities available to grow professionally while contributing to the wider business, both within RSSL and Mondelez.’


Jessica Whatley, Scientist, Physical Sciences

‘I’ve been working in the Physical Sciences lab at RSSL for 2 years; my work is a mixture of analysing food and pharmaceuticals so I have had the opportunity to perform a range of techniques. I love learning about the research and testing that is performed on products, that I didn’t realise existed before working here.’


Karen Burstow, Scientist, Microscopy

‘I’ve been working in the microscopy department for 1 year now, spending 50% of my time on Mondelez projects and 50% on RSSL projects. This means I’ve had the chance to work on a huge variety of samples, ranging from ingredients to finished products for chocolates, gums and drink products, as well as using analytical techniques to investigate and identify foreign materials, such as glass, metals and mould! I love that each day is different and involves a good mix of desk work and lab work, including using SEM, CLSM, FT-IR, EDX and image analysis techniques.’


Callum Willis, Scientist, Microscopy

‘I have been working as a graduate for 2 months, having previously come through the Internship Program. I work in the Microscopy department investigating foreign bodies in food and pharmaceutical products using various analytical techniques such as FT-IR spectroscopy, SEM, XRF and light microscopy. This job has given me plenty of opportunities to apply what I have learnt in my Chemistry degree as well as develop my problem solving and analytical skills. I have also had chances to present my Masters Research Project in technical forums and poster sessions, which has improved my presentation skills and confidence. I have enjoyed my work at RSSL thus far and I am excited to continue to learn and gain valuable experience.’



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