Press Release - Jill Webb rejoins RSSL

Jill Webb has rejoined RSSL as Associate Principal Scientist in the microscopy department.

Jill Webb has rejoined RSSL as Associate Principal Scientist in the microscopy department. She has more than 35 years experience as a microscopist and was formerly Head of Microscopy at RSSL, managing an extremely busy, fast moving laboratory that, in addition to routine work, handled over half of all projects submitted to RSSL for analysis under its Emergency Response Service. She returns to RSSL having spent the past seven years working freelance.

The intervening years have seen major change and investment at RSSL, which provides a range of contract analytical, R&D and consulting services to the food and pharmaceutical sectors. The microscopy department now occupies greater space, employs more scientists and includes more equipment. "I love using new technology and look forward to using it to address ever more varied issues," notes Jill, "and RSSL's ability to help clients investigate issues such as microstructure and its impact on product performance has been hugely enhanced in recent years with the introduction of new technology such as confocal microscopy." Other equipment that has been brought into RSSL since Jill's first spell include a high resolution scanning electron microscope (FEG-SEM), and X-ray tomography, and the range of services offered to clients has also been expanded. "Microscopy’s work for pharmaceutical clients has clearly increased," notes Jill, "especially in areas such as sub-visible particle analysis."

That said, some things haven't changed. "It's good to see many former colleagues and catch up with clients that have been with RSSL for many years," notes Jill. "The scanning electron microscope I bought during my previous time at the company is still going strong too!" 


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