EU GMP Annex 1 - the focal points

Webinar - 9 November 2022 

Hosted by Dr Tim Sandle, this insightful webinar will consider the new EU GMP Annex 1, looking at the key messages and areas that need to be focused on to deliver product and patient safety.

We'll delve into the vital aspects that all manufacturers need to consider to remain compliant, including quality risk management, contamination strategy, cleanroom certification and water systems.


Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the major updates to EU GMP Annex 1 for sterile products manufacture and how they differ to the current guidance
  • Learn how the key changes will impact the control and release of sterile products and gain advice on how to get prepared before the regulation becomes final
  • Gain an insight into the elements required for a contamination control strategy
  • Become familiar with the importance of quality risk management in relation to sterile products
  • Consider those areas that regulators are likely to put the greatest emphasis upon

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