Send a sample

To ensure your samples reach us safely and securely please follow our sample submission process below and note important information.


Before submitting your samples, contact our customer services team to obtain a proposal. This ensures clairty on the project scope, required analysis, agreed turnaround time and associated costs.  Your proposal will be generated from our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) giving you a unique identifier.


All sample submissions must be completed via the My RSSL portal. The video tutorial below provides detailed instructions on how to do this using the portal.

Sample submission guidelines


To make sure that your sample reaches us safely and securely there are a few things you will need to do before sending off:


  • Ensure the samples are adequately packed and labelled according to the nature of any associated hazards and in compliance with current legislation.
  • The sample submission label should be placed on the front of the package and should not be obscured by other courier labels.  This includes the address and other key information required by RSSL.
  • Subsampled as required in accordance with your quotation
  • Include the COSHH assessment and Safety Data Sheet (SDS.MSDS) for hazardous or toxic samples


For full details please refer to the sample submission guidelines here.




2024 sample guideline update


  • From 1st January 2024, all samples and temperature monitoring devices which require returning will be subject to a minimal charge
  • From 1st May 2024, all samples requiring both chemistry and microbiological testing will require separate samples. Charges will apply to those received which require subsampling


For more information, please refer to our sample submission guidelines here or contact us.