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Meet our editorial team

Carole Bingley

Extensive experience of product development and ingredient evaluation across numerous food categories including plant proteins, vegan meat and dairy alternatives, sweeteners and bulking agents. Fellow of the Institute for Food Science & Technology.

Peter Deegan

Peter is an experienced Pharmaceutical QA professional, with over 30 years GMP, ISO 9001 Quality Systems, audit and training experience.

Jessica Sage

Jessica is an allergen management consultant with an analytical background, she has more than 15 years' experience of working with the food industry. Actively working across the sector with manufacturers, retailers and food service businesses, with established links to industry bodies and patient support groups.

Tim Sandle

Dr. Tim Sandle has over twenty-five years’ experience of microbiological research and biopharmaceutical processing. Tim is a member of several editorials boards and he has written 30 books and over seven-hundred book chapters, peer reviewed papers and technical articles relating to microbiology and pharmaceutical and healthcare sciences.

Robert Griffiths

Extensive experience in the analysis, uses and properties of Oils, Fats & Lipids in a variety of food and non-food applications. Current Chairman of the British Standards Institution (BSI) Oilseeds, Fats & Oils Committee. Member of the Society of Chemical Industry Lipids Committee

Mark Auty

Internationally recognised food microstructure expert across multiple product categories. Published over 100 scientific papers. Winner of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scientist of the Year 2021. Fellow of the Institute for Food Science and Technology and the Royal Microscopical Society.

Barbara Hirst

An allergen management specialist, with broad analytical and technical expertise gained over 20 years in the food industry. Actively involved with industry, clinical and regulatory bodies, as well as patient support groups.

Ellen Norman

Wide range of chemical analysis experience, with a specialist interest in linking analysis to the process and product. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chair of the Food and Drink Federation residues and contaminants committee.

Megan Eade

A respected innovation technologist who has undertaken both ingredient evaluation and product development projects for food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers across a range of food categories. An expert on market trends in the food and drink sector.