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Welcome to the RSSL Innovation Hub


This is where groundbreaking ideas meet unparalleled support with the joint mission to transform lives through science innovation and collaboration. We understand the journey from concept to commercialisation can be challenging, which is why we've launched the innovation hub with its current four curated service modules combining a wide range of services and state-of-the-art facilities, designed to accelerate and de-risk your innovation.


Choose your level of service


Our flexible ‘plug n play’ models will support emerging biotech companies with the challenge of accessing commercial facilities combined with the added benefit of specialist expertise. That's why we're proud to offer a supportive environment where start-ups, spinouts, and other early-stage companies can flourish.


Whether you need space for one scientist or have much bigger plans, with over 100,000sqft of laboratory space and flexibility to change your requirements each year, we have your solution. 


Comprehensive support


With our Innovation Hub, you'll have access to dedicated laboratory space and access by arrangement to equipment including autoclaves and freezer space.


Access through our fee for service to analytical testing services from a team of > 250 scientists’ expertise and an unparalleled bandwidth of instrumentation will also be available, along with our extensive industry network to support your product development every step of the way.

More than just laboratory space

At RSSL's Innovation Hub, we offer something truly unique: a collaborative ecosystem designed to propel your startup to success. Unlike traditional laboratory spaces or generic incubators, the Innovation Hub fosters genuine integration and collaboration. Our scientists work hand-in-hand with startups, providing invaluable insights and support throughout the development journey.


This collaborative approach ensures that your startup benefits from our decades of experience in supporting drug development for companies. You will also share amenities and social areas with our scientists providing ample networking opportunities as well as a sense of community.




Prime location


We are strategically located on the University of Reading campus within the Thames Valley, with quick routes to Central London via train and road and easy access to major transportation hubs, including Heathrow Airport to facilitate international collaboration and business expansion.


Reading has recently emerged as a thriving technology hub, attracting numerous companies meaning that the University of Reading campus is part of a broader ecosystem of innovation, including tech clusters, research institutions, and industry hubs within the Thames Valley region. 


By basing your company within RSSL at the University of Reading campus, you become part of this dynamic environment, which not only provides ample networking opportunities with world-class academic expertise across various scientific disciplines both within RSSL and the wider campus, but also increases access to funding from government grants, venture capital firms, and angel investors interested in supporting innovative ventures.

The university campus offers a dynamic and inspiring environment, surrounded by green spaces and modern facilities conducive to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.


Service packages



Model Innovate


Lay the foundation for success with our Model Innovate package. Gain access to a combined cost saving package of state-of-the-art start-up laboratory space and a range of fee-for-service options. Whether you're fine-tuning prototypes, lead compounds or conducting vital early phase research and data collection, we provide the resources and support you need to innovate with confidence.



Model Forge


Ready to take your innovation to the next level? With Model Forge, you not only receive all the benefits of Model Innovate but also gain access to expert consultancy and Level 2 project management services. Our seasoned professionals will guide you through the complexities of scaling your project, ensuring every step is executed with precision.



Model Launchpad


Accelerate your journey to success with Model Launchpad designed for clients seeking support with commercial development. Building upon the offerings of Model Innovate and Forge, this package includes a strategic commercial platform partnership. 



Model 360: Concept to Commercial


Enjoy full-service support across the entire development pipeline, from initial concept to commercial manufacturing, with dedicated guidance and expertise at every stage. This comprehensive service offering provides everything you need for a seamless transition. Once lead asset(s) have been identified, our partnership becomes an extension of your start-up, providing ongoing support every step of the way.



Platform for success


Our goal is to drive vital research and support innovation across the entire Life Science sector, that is why our Innovation Hub is not just a service, it provides a long-term partner to success. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established innovator, our tailored packages offering a variety of square footage and cost packages are designed to meet your unique needs and propel your vision forward. 



Join us at RSSL’s Innovation Hub and discover what's possible when innovation meets opportunity.


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