Regulatory submissions & novel foods

Our specialist team interprets complex dossier requirements and carries out the right analysis to give your regulatory submission the best chance of success.


When bringing new ingredients to market, we understand that constantly shifting regulatory rules are challenging. Get it wrong and you risk losing valuable time in terms of bringing your product to market.


We also know that novel food applications demand an agile mindset that only comes with experience. Many novel food technologies are outpacing novel food regulations, which means you often need to find new ways of proving your novel ingredients are safe to satisfy EFSA novel food guidance and  EU novel food legislation.


That’s why we provide an integrated service designed to guide you through the regulatory process. We don’t just tell you what analytical data you need to provide, we also have the experience and technical capabilities to deliver it. An approach that ensures your submission is fully compliant.

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Our regulatory service includes:

  • Regulatory Submissions and Novel Foods
  • Review of ingredient status to identify what data is required for your submission
  • Evaluation of ingredients in relevant model food systems
  • Development and validation of analytical methods for specific chemical entities
  • Studies to demonstrate the stability of the ingredient itself, as well as in the finished product
  • Unique internal process to evaluate the sensory characteristics of unapproved ingredients
  • Assessment of particle size for nano-material characterisation

We apply the same rigorous approach to every application, including: 


  • Novel foods
  • Food enzymes
  • Food flavourings
  • Extraction solvents
  • Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS)
  • Nutrition and health claims






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Regulatory Support & Novel Foods
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Regulatory support & novel foods
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